HEROS Development Group

HEROS is a community product. Its open source nature allows individuals and organisations to use and develop it to suit their needs. Members of the community range from system users and developers to stakeholders and product promoters. Everyone has a role to play. As a community we encourage members to give a little back and make their contributions to the system and experiences of using the system available to the wider community. We encourage community members to join the HEROS Development Group to participate in more formal development of the system.

The group was formed in November 2014 by organisations that use HEROS. Its remit is to promote the wider use of HEROS, to ensure that developments to the system benefit the group as a whole, and to provide a forum for collaborative development.

Membership benefits

  • Automatic updates of software; no need to reconfigure software or reload data
  • Opportunities to collaborate on software development with other members
  • Opportunities to share costs of development
  • Receive any developments by the group free of charge
  • Share in the expertise of group members
  • Access to the HEROS members forum
  • Participate in training workshops run by members of the group

HEROS terms of reference (pdf)