Users of the HEROS system

HEROS is based on HERWales, a heritage asset data management system developed in 2008 by the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts and InkGIS to manage the Historic Environment Records (HERs) of Wales. Since then the system has been continually developed to include additional functionality and add-on modules, including the development of HERUK, used by South Gloucestershire Council HER and Secrets of the High Woods Project. These systems have been packaged together into HEROS, to be made available for other users and different data applications. There is now a continually expanding group of organisations who use HEROS to manage and disseminate heritage asset data.

Current users of the HEROS data management system

Brecon Beacons National Park Authority

City of Cardiff Council, Conservation Department

Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust HER

Council for British Archaeology, First World War Project

Dyfed Archaeological Trust HER

Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust HER

Gwynedd Archaeological Trust HER

Monmouthshire County Council, Conservation Department

National Botanic Garden of Wales

Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust HER

Snowdonia National Park Authority

South Downs National Park Authority, Secrets of the High Woods Project

South Gloucestershire Council HER

South West Heritage Trust (Somerset HER)

Yorkshire Dales National Park HER